Research Topic

My research topic is about my favorite musician KiD CuDi. It is about his success of his first two albums and how he wrote his music under the influence of an illegal substance. He has changed his ways and got clean and is on the verge of releasing his third album; but this album wouldn’t be like his other two albums because he isn’t under the influence. I would love to see his career stay booming but at the same time I wouldn’t want him to kill himself. I plan to put myself deeper into his music and hear all the criticism he faces and all the praise he gets from the fans.


Mr. Raaaaaaaaaaager

In this Music Video called Mr. Rager KiD CuDi is in a beige jacket entering a tower. the beige jacket represents good and the black jacket represents evil. Now as he enters the tower there are stairs he runs up and begins to fight evil and at one point in the fight kanye west is pictured as someone evil but kid cudi hallucinates it because he vanishes. now there is this guy at the top of the tower coming downstairs and catches kid cudi and kills him but its crazy because the person to kill kid cudi is kid cudi and he wakes up in a psychiatrist office in the black jacket.. does this tell us kid cudi is on the bad side?


Writing the rhetorical analysis I thought was easy because it was almost like writing the objective summary.. but boy was i wrong I messed up the rhetorical analysis and made just like an objective summary. focusing on just the summary and not the argument. Next time i need to focus more on the argument and not summarizing the article that goes along with my paper.

Not cheating

I believe that as a defense in the fourth quarter during a no-huddle moment with no time outs left or to save timeouts for the offense that its a great idea to fake an injury for an injury timeout. For the offense this is a plus becasue that player due to nfl rules has to sit out for the next play

New Type of Writing

I think that i am not that good at writing his type of paper. It’s really no my strong type of writing because I feel that what im going to write is going to be wrong. If I were to write an essay telling a story then I’ll be good at it and feel that im good at it.


A dreamer who often tends to lives in the past. Life to him is a big waste of time, because it’s not like his dreams. For a long time he tend to stay to himself. Why is he this way? I don’t even know and I am him. He is not on drugs or anything like that, but it’s like he treats his music like a drug. It’s like his way of getting away and living in a little dream world of his own. A way of living I don’t agree with. Most people a look at him and see his outer layer and judge off of that but, when they get to the core the idea of him being weird and different comes to mind. At times I tend to judge him too and I can’t do anything but shake my head at what I see. Don’t get me wrong he does do normal things like kick it with friend, watch tv and movies, play basketball and football, but mostly he drowns himself in his substance (music).

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